Outbrain Proves and Improves Value for Clients

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that helps advertisers get their content discovered through recommendation units on publishers’ websites. More than 35,000 websites carry Outbrain’s promoted articles, while the company delivers more than 275 billion recommendations and one billion users each month.

Our partnership with Outbrain started a little over a year ago with a small test on a single client. Since then we’ve expanded our partnership significantly. It’s been incredibly exciting to see how our insights really make an impact and help increase client ROI significantly.

Read the full case study here.

Working with Outbrain has really helped bring the value of our navigator tool to light. By using the tool to understand what content to promote and when to promote it, Outbrain’s account managers made more informed decisions and were able to demonstrate some dramatic results.

Outbrain was also instrumental in helping us develop “Organic Uplift” – a metric that really emphasizes the value of traffic sources, and their effectiveness in driving return visits.

Check out the full case study to find out more.