Supercharge Your Demand Gen with Our New Sources Report

We understand how important it is for our customers to see the impact of their sources and campaigns on their business goals so that they’re able to evaluate the effectiveness of their ad spend and invest in sources that work the best.

To make that process easier, we’ve updated our “Insight Sources” report to show you the true impact of your referrals and campaigns.

The amount of traffic, sessions, and conversions from each source.

Sources that are driving the highest amount of readers

Regardless of how sources impact your business goals, you will be able to evaluate each source by the % of readers. Read ratio is an indicator of how engaging the traffic is from each source. If your goal is to increase engagement, you can invest in the sources that provide you the best read ratio.

Return visitors to your owned media.

The “Source Uplift” shows us the % of users that came from any given source, bounced, and came back to your owned media from organic sources as the following referral.

Use case: Let’s say that you’re bringing in paid traffic from multiple campaigns. Some will convert in that session, but most of the traffic will bounce. We will continue and track these visitors and how they return. If they return from retargeting campaigns or organically, the “Source uplift” will show you that, and you will be able to know which sources bring you the highest value visitors. 

Position of each source

Since we track visitors on a multi-session level, we’re able to tell what sources worked best as the first touch, mid-funnel and sources with the highest impact the right before conversions.

With this insight, you will be able to understand the true impact of each source and understand how they really connect to your business goals.

Use case: We all use content discovery channels such as social, Outbrain, Taboola, etc to bring in new traffic to your owned media. But the truth is that most of them don’t convert in the same session, Most of this traffic will bounce and some will convert later on in a different session. With this report, you’ll be able to see the real impact of sources that your visitors started their journey and know if you should continue to invest in them.

We hope this new dashboard will help our customers truly supercharge their demand generation efforts.

If you want to truly understand the impact of your traffic sources on your bottom line, you need the right tool to do it. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our sources report and other key features to help fuel your growth with content.